Coronavirus in China

Written by Jessica Pitman 29 January 2020

Coronavirus in China

We are closely monitoring this fast-moving situation, and are staying in touch with the Foreign Office, AITO and our local operators to gather as much information as we can. The best source of information for any visitors with individual questions or concerns is Public Health England. Visitors can keep up to date with the latest advice from the UK Government’s website here:

We understand that the Chinese Government are taking all measures possible to limit the virus passing through the population. It is expected that we will have a clearer understanding of the extent of the contamination in two weeks. We are still taking bookings as we have had no suggestion to alter our current plans and have assurances from the FCO that they will look to lower their level of travel advice as soon as the situation allows.

If you are already booked to trek the Great Wall with us this year, we will be in touch with you separately.

This is a country we love to travel to and have explored for many years. We hope that a resolution can be found as soon as possible. We are also thinking of our friends in China as we understand that this is a difficult and frustrating situation for them.

Coronavirus in China

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